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ENG ( lang ) Changelog ( Erica x30 )

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Команда форума
New system for obtaining stack sub:
  • No longer associated with the sub system.
  • At level 80, a choice of any extra is available. profs without the need for lvl up.
  • In the main class, cancel the selected add. Prof is not allowed
  • On any sub class, the option of choosing an add-on is also available. profs.
  • You can remove sub classes and upgrade new ones with other classes.
Additional bonuses for unpopular A sets:
  • Added or enhanced effects for some A grade sets. ( Not ready )
Standard patch:
  • Added classic HF patch - will be the main one. With mods as desired.
  • The standard patch has less lags and is more stable for weak PCs.
  • Reduced window alt + b. Opening faster now.
Change in donate shop:
  • When buying raincoats, tattoos, ornaments for CoL - items are sharpened by +5.
  • Removed runes affecting rates. Perhaps some time after the start, runes + 30% will be added
  • A premium account doubles all rates, except for adena, adena + 50%. PA price increased by 2 times.
  • Cost of buying LS skills reduced to 1800 CoL
  • CA cost 12 lvl = 300 Col. 13 lvl = 650 CoL.
  • Improved balance
  • Cloacks and tattoos cannot be used at the Olympiad.
  • Added new Tattoo for the Olympiad. ( Not ready )
  • The maximum level of sharpening cloaks, tattoo at the start is limited to +12.
  • Added books for enchanting skills.
  • At the Olympiad, you can get buffs from the NPC on the HF Chronicles.
  • Fixed viewing of battles at the Olympiad. ( Not ready )
  • Fixed a bug where the value of HP could change after changing subclasses.
  • It is forbidden to use small MP cans at the Olympiad.

Changes to sharpening chances. The chance does not depend on the enchant level.
  • Bless enchants are reduced to +3.
  • D Grade - 85%
  • C Grade - 75%
  • B Grade - 75%
  • A Grade - 65%
  • S Grade - 60%
Changes in skills:
  • The cooldowns of debuffs, active attacking skills, and heals have been changed. Now almost all skills have removed static cooldowns.
  • Increased the reuse of debuffs, heals, attacking skills for our concept.
  • Skills of daggers, dualists - Fixed time for using skills has been removed.
  • Phys. PvP defense increased by 10%.
Frenzy - Can be used if the HP level is 60% or higher.
Angelic Icon - Can be used if HP level is 60% or higher.
Zealot - Can be used at any% hp.
Sword Singer Weapon Mastery - P. Attack and damage P. Skills + 15% for any weapon.
Blade Dancer Weapon Mastery - P. Attack and damage P. Skills + 15% for any weapon.
Song of Elemental - Increases resistance to four elements by 20
Death Spike, Hurricane, Hydro Blast, Prominence reduced to 15%.
Steal Essence - Lifesteal percentage reduced to 25%
Soul Guard - + 1% to P. Defense for each level. At max level + 13%.
Transfer Pain - The skill has been moved to self buffs and reworked. Increases Phys. M. Def Defense by 20%. Transfers 10% damage to a pet.
Resurrection - Static cooldown 20 seconds.
Mass Resurrection - Static cooldown of 50 seconds.
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